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Acupressure and Massage

Massage and Acupressure

A one hour Craniosacral Therapy or Reiki Session or a Traditional or Acupressure massage done in the comfort of your home or in my office can reduce stress, ease tension and increase mental clarity.

Besides the benefits of stress & tension reduction that a Craniosacral Therapy session or a full body massage can provide, Reiki, Essential Oils and Acupressure incorporated into a traditional massage can enhance your immune system, help relieve pain and help release energy held in the muscles.



A chair massage will:

  • Reduce stress
  • Ease tension
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Reduce headache and migraine symptoms
  • Help relieve symptoms of repetitive stress
and.... It's only $1.00 a minute!



Click here for more details on the benefits of seated chair massage...

Contact Sheila for details and to schedule a free onsite consultation.

Sheila Star Coulbourn, HHP, CMT



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About the Triune Nature logo: The feather represents the divine message from a higher source and the
starburst represents the realization of that message. So, the divine message of
Spirit flowing through Mind and manifesting in Form (Body) hence,
Spirit ~ Mind ~ Body Connection.

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