Consciously Creating Your Life

This workshop will allow you to release the energy that ties you to the negative circumstances of the past and come fully present to the moment so you can move forward in a more peaceful, conscious state.

If this sounds like the way you would like to learn to live please contact me.

The intentions for this class are:

  • To release any unfinished business in my life.
  • To start anew with a clear mind and a pure heart, free of any loose ends or energy drains.
  • To catch the Highest Idea in the mind of God for my life.
  • To set intentions that support my Highest Vision

Join us for this life changing 3 hour workshop!
Saturday, February 16, 2019
10:00 am to Noon
Rancho Bernardo

What Former Students Say

Sheila’s class “Consciously Creating Your Life” allowed me to see the circumstances and people that were holding me back from experiencing a full and happy life.
With her love, patience and kindness, Sheila led me through the processes of discovering and releasing all that no longer served me. I was then able to “Catch the Vision” for my life moving forward and to set concrete intentions to make it all come true.
Sheila, you are a blessing to me and to the world!

T.S., Santee

Sheila’s class “Consciously Creating Your New Year” led me down a path that was unexpected and enlightening. I completed the class ready to embrace the upcoming year and feeling ready to move forward in my life. The process was not only useful, but freeing. With a teaching style full of wisdom, Sheila took me into this process of discovery with compassion and I emerged with the inner strength I’ve needed to face a challenging year. Sheila, thank you so much for your work and please keep spreading your gift!

Teri T.