Mind Shift: From Worrier to Warrior

In this class we explore our beliefs and behaviors in order to gain a deeper understanding of why we do what we do and how we attract situations and circumstances into our lives. As we gain insight we come to understand the sacred laws and how to use them to benefit ourselves and our communities.

The intentions for this class are:

  • To discover how worry and fear are holding you back
  • To transform worry into wisdom.
  • To free yourself from limiting beliefs
  • To have a personal experience of your own Divinity.

What Former Students Say

The processes in Sheila’s classes showed me how my worry and fear have kept me from expressing myself fully. Sheila’s teaching is methodically and carefully presented. It is obvious she cares deeply about and lives the material.
As a result of this class I am more aware of where I have been acting from, and I have new skills to use, that I know work, when stuff comes up again.

Bless you, Sheila!

Linda Webb-Khakaba, Santa Rosa, CA

Dear Sheila,
Catching up on my email… and I wanted to share with you the break-through I felt, and am continuing to ‘ponder’ on, in being able to change the very negative and limiting “God is watching” to “God is the Freedom that I am”. I can actually feel something inside me stir when I say those words!! By your caring and skills in conducting this class, you are working miracles in the world. In my world. I most humbly thank you Sheila.
Sincerely yours, Linda