Celebrate Your Body

A Joyful exploration of emotions and health.

We cannot communicate with the body unless we understand its language. This class is designed to allow the participant to explore and discover the way their body communicates with them. Most people, today, cannot hear or understand through all the noise in their lives.

The intention for this class is to bring understanding of the relationship of emotions to physical health.

Gleaning the wisdom of Ernest Holmes and the insight of Louise Hay, participants will be guided to the revelation of their body’s Wholeness and Perfection.

What Students Are Saying

I took Sheila’s 2-hour workshop “Celebrate Your Body” at a conference and boy, what a life changer it has been. I never realized that pain is, actually, the last way the body communicates with me. I am so grateful that the conference organizers chose Sheila to do one of the breakout sessions. I now know and understand how my body is constantly sending me messages.
Sheila, you are a blessing in my life!

Sandra, Chicago

Sheila’s class “Celebrate Your Body” took me on an exploration of how my body and emotions are so connected. Her wisdom and caring created an atmosphere of Love and Compassion each week as we were led deeper into our beliefs and emotions. My life is changed forever in 6 short weeks. Thank You Sheila!

Lindsay, Santee